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Immigrate to Indonesia from Canada

Immigrate to Indonesia from Canada

Indonesia is a beautiful country that can also present certain investment opportunities for foreign nationals. If you want to immigrate to Indonesia from Canada for business, employment, investment, or study purposes, you will need to follow the general route.

In this article, our agents specializing in company formation in Indonesia discuss the main requirements for Canadian citizens who wish to relocate to the country. If you have other questions than the ones briefly answered below, please feel free to contact us as needed.

I want to immigrate to Indonesia from Canada. What is the first step?

Obtaining a limited stay permit is the first step. Employees will be issued a residence and work permit and their employer will fulfill the role of the sponsor.

Canadian investors who wish to relocate to Indonesia will first need to apply for a limited-stay permit that suits their purpose. This is needed when the stay is longer than 3 months, and it is also used by those who wish to set up a company in Indonesia and need to be present in the country for the incorporation process.

What conditions do I need to meet for the residence permit?

As a Canadian who will relocate to Indonesia from Canada, you will need to apply for a proper type of permit and remain within the limits of that permit at all times. For example, this means that you will need to comply with the activities permitted under the permit that was issued to you.

Under the business, investment, and company formation permit, you will be able to carry out related activities, as well as engage in activities as a board member, study in Indonesia (subject to additional registrations under a multiple activity stay permit), and travel to and from the country for the validity of the permit. Our lawyers in Indonesia can give you more details.

What documents do I need to submit?

Some of the general documents needed for the business visa, or the residence permit that allows the holder to stay and open a company in Indonesia, are:

  • valid passport;
  • proof of financial means;
  • a recent photograph;
  • proof of investment in a company;
  • information about the company (can include the company’s current account) – our accountants in Indonesia can assist you if you need to obtain these documents.

A residence permit for business purposes can allow the holder to stay for up to two years, and it is suitable for those who will move to Indonesia from Canada for business activities.

During one’s stay in the country, he or she must continuously comply with the laws and regulations, must have sufficient means to live in the country, and must observe the local culture.

Some of the costs you can keep in mind if you move to Indonesia from Canada are the following in the case of the business visa:

  • the application cost is currently US$150;
  • a fee of Rp 3,950 is also added;
  • the applicant’s shared ownership in the company should be at least 10 billion Rupiah.

Our team can give you more information, and updates on these fees as needed.

Can I bring my family?

Generally, yes. If you relocate to Indonesia from Canada with a temporary residence permit for business, investment, and company establishment you will be allowed to bring certain members of your family. To make sure that this is possible, please ask our immigration lawyers in Indonesia before applying.

When can I obtain permanent residency?

In most cases, the Indonesian permanent residence permit can be applied for once a foreign national has been lawfully living in the country based on a temporary residence permit for 5 years. A shorter period is available for Canadians who marry an Indonesian citizen. We know that if you intend to immigrate to Indonesia from Canada you will want to apply for the KITAP permanent residence permit after the five-year period. Our team is ready to answer your questions about this process.

If you want to know more about immigration to Indonesia, please do not hesitate to contact us.