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Obtain Residence Permit in Indonesia

Obtain Residence Permit in Indonesia

is one of the most appealing business destinations in Southeast Asia, however, those who want to relocate here for that or other purposes must comply with certain requirements. Among these, they must obtain a residence permit.

The Indonesian residence permit can be issued for a limited duration or permanent stay; however, the procedure is different in accordance with the reason for moving here.

If you plan on relocating to the country in 2023, you should consider your options based on your visa type and the intended length of stay. Our short guide is useful for knowing the main types of residence permits that are available this year, however, for more complex questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our immigration lawyers in Indonesia can give you complete details.

 Quick Facts  
 Temporary residence permit types

– ITAS for work,

– investment,

– study,

– retirement,

– family reunification  

 Time needed to obtain a temporary residence permit in Indonesia (approx.)

3 days  

 Temporary residence permit validity

1 year in most cases. It can depend on its purpose.

 Documents for obtaining temporary residence

– filled in application,

– valid passport,

– photograph,

– relevant visa fee payments,

– visa-specific documentation (proof of employment, investment, family relationship, etc.) 

 Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)

Individuals who obtain a residence permit in Indonesia will register with the local authorities in their area of residence.

 Dependents can join the temporary permit holder (Yes/No)

Subject to certain conditions. 

 Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes

Temporary ITAS issued for investors who wish to obtain a residence permit in Indonesia, generally valid for 2 years. 

 Special requirements for foreign investors interested in permanent residency

The investor is required to have a sponsor in Indonesia.

The sponsor needs to be a locally registered company. Other conditions may apply. 

Minimum investment amount in order to obtain a residence permit in Indonesia 

Mandatory investment of USD 7000.000 for a PT PMA company (foreign company), irrespective of the type of business activity. 

Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence 4 years (once the ITAS has been re-obtained for the 4th time) 
 Residency for individuals married to a citizen of the country

Permanent residency can be awarded after 2 years of marriage. Conditions apply. 

 Documents for obtaining permanent residence

– valid identification document,

– proof of lawful, continuous stay in the country,

– marriage certificate (if applicable),

– other case-by-case documents 

 Naturalization requirements

– permanent residency for at least 5 consecutive years in Indonesia or proof of marriage with an Indonesian citizen,

– proof of financial resources,

– sufficient language knowledge and social integration 

 Citizenship after permanent residence

For applicants qualifying for naturalization 

 Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No)  No

Below, our Indonesia company incorporation consultants explain the requirements related to obtaining various types of residence permits here. We can also support those interested in applying for temporary or residence permits in Indonesia.

If you wish to know more about immigration to Indonesia, our team will give you all the needed details.

The temporary and permanent residence permit in Indonesia

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are two ways of immigrating to Indonesia: by applying for a temporary residence permit or by applying directly for a permanent one.

The procedure of obtaining an Indonesian residence permit depends on several aspects, among which are the reasons for which a person wants to move here and the type of visa they apply for. There are no special requirements based on nationality when applying for a visa for Indonesia.

In 2017 and 2018, the government issued two new regulations related to obtaining residency in Indonesia: Regulation No. 13/2017 on the Procedures for Licensing and Investment Facilities, respectively Regulation No. 20/2018 on Foreign Workers.

Our immigration lawyers in Indonesia can offer information on both new laws that dictate how one can relocate to Indonesia in 2023

According to the country’s statistics office, international visitor arrivals increased between January 2022 and January 2023 by 503.34%:

  • Most arrivals were by air, with 485,245 people entering the country this way;
  • The second largest group of international visitors arrived by sea, 127,265 individuals, followed by those who preferred to arrive in Indonesia by train;
  • According to nationality, 13.46% of visitors in January 2023 were from Australia, followed by those from Singapore (13.05%).

Discussing your options with our lawyers in Indonesia who specialize in immigration matters is advisable before traveling to the country. You can easily get in touch with one of our attorneys and, upon the first evaluation of your case, we will be able to provide you with adequate solutions that are both effective and personalized. Please reach out to us for more information about our legal services.

Our company formation agents in Indonesia can also help those interested in starting a business in Indonesia under Regulation No. 13/2017.

How to obtain a temporary residence permit (ITAS) in Indonesia

The temporary residence permit (ITAS) is issued to those wanting to move to Indonesia under one of the following situations:

  1. for work reasons – those who want to work in Indonesia can apply for a temporary residence permit which also requires sponsorship from a local company (the employer);
  2. for marriage purposes – foreign citizens married to an Indonesian national can also obtain a temporary residence permit;
  3. for retirement purposes – foreign citizens can retire to Indonesia provided that they are at least 55 years old and have sufficient funds;
  4. the dependent temporary residence permit which allows a foreign citizen to come join a relative and start the process for immigration to Indonesia;
  5. for business purposes – foreign citizens who want to register companies in Indonesia can apply for temporary residence permits.

The advantage of obtaining a temporary residence permit is that it can be converted into a permanent one after living for three years in Indonesia. 

Our Indonesian company formation advisors can guide foreign businessmen when applying for residence permits.

We can offer tailored accounting services in Indonesia.

The permanent residence permit (KITAP) in Indonesia

The Indonesian permanent residence permit card, or the KITAP, can be applied for immediately after the individual has obtained the fourth ITAS. Special provisions are available for foreigners interested in investing in Indonesia.

Those who want to come to Indonesia based on a permanent residence permit will need to comply with the following requirements:

  • as an investor must hold a director function in a company with the prospect of becoming a shareholder by investing at least 1 billion Rp.;
  • the second option for an investor is to own shares with a value of at least 10 million Rp in a local company;
  • as an individual, any foreign citizen who has obtained a temporary residence permit as a religious worker can convert into a permanent one;
  • a foreign citizen who has at least one Indonesian citizen as a parent can also apply for a permanent residence permit;
  • the husband or wife of a permanent residence permit holder can also apply for obtaining the same status.

It is important to note that in the case of foreign investors, one will be first granted a temporary residence permit and once the conditions above are fulfilled, he or she can become a permanent resident of Indonesia in 2023.

Permanent residency is mandatory for those interested in immigration to Indonesia. If you would like to know more about the process, as well as your options depending on your reason for relocation to the country (business, employment, etc.), our team can answer your questions. We also assist foreign nationals who have married Indonesian citizens and have questions about their rights.

Document requirements when applying for residency in Indonesia

The following documents are required when applying for a residence permit in Indonesia:

  • the valid passport (the minimum validity period is one year and a half);
  • the application form issued by the Indonesian authorities;
  • the employment contract for those applying for residency as workers;
  • information about the company the director will occupy a position in, in case of investors;
  • the marriage certificate in the case of those applying for residency as spouses.

Our experts also include a team of accountants in Indonesia. If you have questions about personal taxation, the current tax rates, or the requirements for submitting income statements, our team can assist you. we also provide professional accounting solutions for businesses of all sizes, irrespective of industry. If you are in need of accounting, bookkeeping or tax services, please reach out to our team.

The list of documents required is more extensive and particular to each case, which is why we invite you to contact our company registration representatives in Indonesia who are qualified to assist you if you wish to apply for a permit in 2023. You can also rely on us if you want to set up a business in Indonesia.