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Shelf Company in Indonesia

Shelf Company in Indonesia

If you have decided for starting a business in Indonesia, you can direct your attention to a couple of options available in this country. One can proceed with company incorporation or start the activities by purchasing a shelf company in Indonesia which can be ready to use in a few days from signing the contract and transferring the ownership. Our specialists in company incorporation in Indonesia can provide you with information about how to buy a shelf company in Indonesia and settle your activities immediately. The same team of advisors can help investors set up companies in Indonesia.

The advantages of shelf companies in Indonesia

Ready-made corporations are registered entities created in order to be put on a “shelf” to age. Then, such a firm is sold to investors interested in this kind of business form. A shelf company in Indonesia has no activities or debts, it can be used rapidly, as it has an available bank account. This is one of the suitable options in Indonesia because purchasing a shelf company is less time-consuming, as it is ready in a few days, and the owners may start the activities immediately. We mention that once the transfer of the ownership has been made, a shelf company can sign contracts and issue invoices for clients or providers.

For a better understanding of the terms and conditions which come with a shelf company in Indonesia, it is recommended to get in touch with our team of company incorporation agents in IndonesiaOpening a company in Indonesia and the registration process in this matter can be supervised and also explained by our advisors.

You can find out how to buy an Indonesian shelf company from the video below:


If you wish to buy a shelf company and immigrate to Indonesia, our team can help you.

At what stage can you receive the shelf company in Indonesia?

Each ready-made company in Indonesia has a registered business address, a valid bank account, and all the required documents. Besides that, an entrepreneur will be informed about the age of the company before making the acquisition. Considering the activities of the future owner, additional business licenses and permits might be necessary, a matter where our team can help.  

A shelf company must also meet certain accounting requirements for which you can rely on our accountants in Indonesia.

Questions about buying a shelf company in Indonesia

Many foreigners interested in setting up companies in Indonesia can choose between buying a shelf company or registering a new business. Most of them have doubts about Indonesian ready-made companies which come accompanied by questions. Here are a few answers related to the purchase of a shelf company in Indonesia:

1.      Can I buy a shelf company if I am not an Indonesian?
 Yes, you can.  As a matter of fact, shelf companies are created in order to ease the access of foreign investors on the Indonesian market. However, you can also choose to immigrate to Indonesia if you wish to manage your company.

2.      What type of structure can a shelf company take?
 The most employed type of shelf company one can buy in Indonesia is the limited liability company.

3.      Can I change the shelf company’s name?
 Yes, that is possible. Once bought, you can tailor the shelf company according to your needs.

4.      Do ready-made companies come with bank accounts?
 Yes, Indonesian shelf companies come with bank accounts, as this is one of the requirements related to registering a company.

5.      How much does a shelf company cost in Indonesia?
 The cost of a shelf company is influenced by its age, therefore the older the company is, the higher the price will be.

We are a team of company formation representatives in Indonesia who can help investors open companies in Indonesia or purchase ready-made ones. For a personalized offer in these matters, please feel free to contact us.