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Company Formation Services in Bali

Company Formation Services in Bali

Enterprisers who want to start a business in Indonesia can choose one of the islands which form this country. One of the most prolific Indonesian islands is Bali, known mostly as an important tourism hub in the Southeast Asian region. At the moment, businesses in tourism represent more than 50% of Bali’s economy.

If you want to start a business in Bali, you can set up companies in other industries than tourism, among which e-commerce or manufacturing. Our company formation consultants in Indonesia can help you register any type of business in Bali.

Bali is a very popular tourist attraction. If you wish to know more about how to immigrate to Indonesia, if relocating here is ideal for you, then you can contact us.

The local economy of Bali

Bali is located close to the island of Java which hosts the capital Jakarta. However, Bali has its own provincial capital in the city of Denpasar. During the last few years, the economy of Bali has followed an ascending path with an average growth of more than 5% on an annual basis.

In order to sustain this growth, various incentives have been enabled by the Indonesian government, especially related to foreign investments. During the last several years, these incentives have reached the government’s goals and attracted an increasing number of foreign enterprisers.

Those who want to open companies in Bali will need company formation services from Indonesian agents, as the requirements for them are slightly different than those for local entrepreneurs. It is not mandatory to immigrate to Indonesia as an entrepreneur, however, it is possible in Bali.

Services related to opening a company in Bali

According to the Commercial Law of Indonesia, foreign investors can set up businesses under the form of foreign-owned limited liability companies (PT PMA) or in partnership with local investors. Most of the times they will prefer the PT PMA for which they will need company formation services in Bali.

Among the services offered by our company formation consultants in Bali are:

–          drafting the company registration documents;
–          opening the bank account for depositing the share capital;
–          filing the incorporation documents with the Trade Register;
–          tax and GST registration;
–          accounting services;
–          assistance in obtaining the business license.

On request, our consultants in Indonesia offer virtual office services in Bali.

If you are interested in Indonesia company incorporation services in Bali, please feel free to contact us.

We can also help you with services related to the process to immigrate to Indonesia.