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Immigrate to Indonesia from France

Immigrate to Indonesia from France

Indonesia is a beautiful country that also offers various opportunities for investment, particularly in the tourism sector. Entrepreneurs who wish to open a company and, for this purpose, immigrate to Indonesia from France, can apply for a visa that will allow them to do so, all while remaining in the country for renewable long-term periods.

Our agents who can help you open a company in Indonesia describe the conditions for immigration in this article.

If you want to relocate to Indonesia from France and need assistance for a particular situation, our team can help you.

What types of visas are available to those who immigrate to Indonesia from France?

The decision to immigrate to another country is an important one and the process includes several steps, which are highly influenced by the motive for the relocation.

French nationals are allowed to enter Indonesia for short-term purposes based on a visa waiver. This means that they do not need a visa if their stay is of no more than 30 days. However, for relocation purposes, such as in the case of French entrepreneurs who wish to open a company in Indonesia and remain in the country to manage it, the need to apply for a long-term visa remains.

Foreign nationals from France and other countries can immigrate to Indonesia not only for the purpose of investment but also for study or retirement purposes.

Foreign nationals who immigrate to Indonesia from France to reunite with their families already living in the country need to apply for a visa issued for this purpose. You can talk to one of our lawyers in Indonesia if you need details about the reunification laws.

What are the needed documents?

The application for those who wish to apply for the temporary stay permit card, the ITAS online. It is useful to know that the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Paris, France is also accredited to Monaco and Andorra and UNESCO.

The filled-in application form is submitted along with the rest of the documents, which depend on the purpose for which the visa is issued. Naturally, when investors wish to open a company and apply for a business visa, they will submit evidence of their investment, and how this will contribute to the country’s economy. If this is the scope of your application, our team specializing in company formation in Indonesia can assist you throughout the application.

Having a valid passport is mandatory when applying for a visa that allows one to immigrate to Indonesia from FranceOur team advises those interested to purchase the travel tickets once they have obtained the visa, as the process can be prologued if the initial application lacks certain documents. By scheduling the flight from France to Indonesia after the receipt of the visa, one avoids the unpleasant situation of losing any travel tickets. Online requests are generally processed faster, however, we do advise those interested to not postpone the application. 

If you want to relocate from the US to Indonesia, it is advisable to pay attention to the local tax laws. Understanding the requirements that apply to resident individuals in terms of taxation is easier with the help of our local accountants in Indonesia. You can reach out to us if you have questions about the tax rates, the tax filing and payment deadlines, as well as joint tax submissions for married individuals.

If you want to immigrate to another contry, such as Korea, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

What are the costs?

Examples of the visa service fees to be expected are listed below by our agents:

  • Business visa: 105 euros for the visa that allows the holder to enter the country multiple times;
  • Long-stay visa 1: 145 euros and this type of visa allows the holder to remain in Indonesia for 6 months;
  • Long-stay-visa 2: 145 euros for the visa that allows the holder to remain for 1 year;
  • Long-stay visa 3: also 145 euros, and the holder can remain for 2 years;
  • The tourist visa: this allows for stays of no more than 60 days and has a fee of 55 euros; those who move to Indonesia from France can first come to the country based on this visa, however, they will ultimately need to obtain the long-stay visa.

Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change without prior announcement. If you wish to be updated on the latest costs and changes, as applicable, reach out to our team.

The visa fee will not be the single type of cost incurred by those who start the process to immigrate to Indonesia from France. Other costs will be related to translating documents, if applicable, as well as making notarized copies if needed. Apart from the document-related costs, one will also need to take into account the travel and accommodation costs.

Relocating to Indonesia from France first takes place under a visa that allows for temporary stay, which can be renewed, followed by a permanent stay visa. Those who apply for a retirement visa will also need to extend it upon its expiration. Foreign nationals who have lived in Indonesia for more than 5 years can apply for citizenship. The country does not, however, allow for dual citizenship.

You can rely on our Indonesian lawyers if you need solutions for your relocation. From guiding you through the application process to helping you find solutions once you are in the country, our team is ready to answer your questions. Our main areas of practice include business and commercial law, contract law, employment law, litigation, and also private law matters.

If you wish to immigrate to Indonesia, our agents can assist you. We provide complete services to entrepreneurs from France, as well as those who wish to relocate to the country. Contact us for more information about our services.

Citizens of other countries can trust our immigration specialists with their questions. Foreign nationals who relocate to Indonesia for employment or business purposes often have questions about the needed documents for their application, how far in advance before their departure they should apply for a visa, as well as other matters. Reach out to us if you want to know more about Indonesian immigration.