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Workforce in Indonesia

Workforce in Indonesia

The last few years have brought many fluctuations to the Indonesian economy. From the slowing down registered during the economic crisis to the gradual increase in the Gross Domestic Product in the last 3 years, Indonesia is now on the recovery path. With industries like agriculture and manufacturing contributing the most to the economy, Indonesia is now very attractive for foreign investors.

However, not these industries contribute to the success of the Indonesian economy, but also the workforce, as this country is home to one of the largest English-speaking communities in the world. Some foreign nationals choose to immigrate to Indonesia particularly because of the employment opportunities.

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Employment of the Indonesian workforce by sector

As mentioned above, agriculture and manufacturing are two of the largest industries in the country which makes natural for most of the Indonesian labor force to be concentrated here. However, there are also other important sectors which host great number of employees. Among these are wholesale trade, tourism, IT and outsourcing.

In numbers, at the level of 2016 there were more than 120 million workers in Indonesian companies out the population counting more than 250 million individuals. Also, the unemployment level during the same year was of 7% out the total active population.

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The skills of the labor force in Indonesia

The workforce in Indonesia is very educated and some of of its most important attributes are its academic skills: good English and mathematics knowledge and high literacy rates. These are just a few of the recommendations of the local labor force.

Considering the development of the IT industry, one of the most important skills of the Indonesian labor force is a high computing literacy rate. Also, the workforce is made up of both local and foreign citizens living in Indonesia based on residence and work visas, however, locals represent a larger share of the local market.

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