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Set Up a FMCG Company in Indonesia

Set Up a FMCG Company in Indonesia

Foreigners looking to start a business in Indonesia can choose between the small industries, such as the manufacturing of local products which attract tourists, or one of the large industries such as the fast-moving consumer goods, or FMCG sector, which also caters to the needs of locals.

Opening a FMCG company in Indonesia implies registering a company with the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) when it comes to foreign investors. These must also comply with other requirements which can be explained by our Indonesia company incorporation consultants.

Foreign investors opening FMCG companies in Indonesia

Starting a foreign-owned company in Indonesia implies several steps no matter the industry the business will operate in. Foreigners opening a FMCG company in Indonesia must:

  1.           prepare an investment plan and submit it with the Investment Coordinating Board;
  2.           the investors must have a minimum amount of 10 million RP, out of which 2,5 million RP must be deposited upon registration;
  3.           apply for various licenses depending on the type of products manufactured or sold;
  4.           obtain import/export licenses and transportation permits, apart from the business licenses issued by the BKMP.

Owning a FMCG company is not dependent on acquiring the status of resident or on the process to immigrate to Indonesia. If, however, the investors wish to relocate, we can help.

Our local agents can help foreign entrepreneurs with the registration of a PT PMA – limited liability company with full foreign ownership – for setting up a FMCG business in Indonesia.

The FMCG sector in Indonesia

The fast-moving consumer goods industry is quite developed in Indonesia. Those who want to open a company in this field will be interested in finding out that:

  •           the FMCG sector has constantly increased in the last few years together with the population’s income;
  •           it is considered one of the most appealing investment industry in Indonesia, with annual sales of approximately 10 billion USD;
  •           it is considered one of the main economic drivers of the Indonesian economy;
  •           retail is the most developed branch of the FMCG industry in Indonesia;
  •           China, the largest consumer market in the world, is the main importer of FMCG goods produced in Indonesia, a trend that is expected to continue.

If you want to start a FMCG company in Indonesia and need assistance, please contact our local company registration representatives.

Our team can also help you immigrate to Indonesia so that you can run your company from the country. Obtaining a residence permit for investors will be mandatory for this purpose. Our team will give you details about the needed documents (including the applicant’s identification details, as well as proof of investment and sufficient income), and well will assist you throughout the application process. Part of our team also provides post-arrival services, for the mandatory steps needed once you arrive in Indonesia.