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Set Up a Website in Indonesia

Set Up a Website in Indonesia

Setting up business in Indonesia can be very rewarding for foreign investors coming here, as the county is currently one of the most prolific economies in Southeast Asia. Industries like manufacturing and tourism can bring significant incomes, however the IT sector has also developed quite a lot in the last few years. Among these, online shops are thriving now in Indonesia.

Those who want to open an online shop must first register a company and then register a domain name. They must also create websites for their Indonesian businesses. Below, our Indonesia company incorporation agents explain the requirements for setting up a website in this country.

Top-level domain names in Indonesia

Until 2013, Indonesia had the top-level domain level name .id; however, since then the Domain Name Forum in Indonesia has approved the creation and use of several other domain names. Now, the following domain names can be used for setting up websites in Indonesia:

  • .id is the general domain name which can be used by both individuals and companies;
  • .my.id which can be used by individuals and bloggers;
  • .net.id which can be used by telecommunications companies;
  • .sch.id which can be used by schools;
  • .ac.id which can be used by universities and other academic institutions.

An interesting fact about the .id domain name is that the Forum has also enabled the .co.id domain for commercial structures and the .biz.id domain name for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) in Indonesia.

Requirements to register a domain name in Indonesia

The creation of a website in Indonesia implies several steps, one of the most important being the registration of the domain name. In order to have an Indonesian domain name, one must be a resident of the country. In the case of companies, these must have a registered address in IndonesiaVirtual office services can be used for this purpose.

Foreign investors do not need to immigrate to Indonesia in order to handle the domain name registration process. Our team can help them.

The following documents are required when setting up a website with an .id domain name:

  • identification papers in the case of individuals and copy of the certificate of registration in the case of companies;
  • tax identification number in the case of individuals and tax registration certificate in the case of companies;
  • information about the representative of the individual or company, if required.

For full information on how to create a website in Indonesia, please contact us. You can also rely on us for assistance in setting up a company in Indonesia.

If you want to immigrate to Indonesia and then start a company and register a domain name, we can assist you.