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Open a Travel Agency in Indonesia

Open a Travel Agency in Indonesia

Although it seems surprising, Indonesia is one of the largest economies in the world as it has one of the greatest populations on the globe. With such great economy which is continuously expanding, Indonesia attracts impressive numbers of investors and visitors on a yearly basis, which makes tourism one of the most important sources of income. These earnings are reinvested in infrastructure projects in order to create an even more favorable environment for businesses.

Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in tourism in Indonesia can set up travel agencies, hotels or restaurants depending on the amount they are willing to spend. One of the cheapest, but very profitable options, is the travel agency.

Our company formation agents in Indonesia can assist foreign investors who want to open travel agencies in this country. You can also choose to immigrate to Indonesia for the purpose of starting a business in this sector.

Legislation related to travel agencies in Indonesia

The Indonesian legislation governing tourism is not that extensive, however it is very well-defined. Those who want to start a business in the tourism industry, including travel agencies in Indonesia must comply with:

–          Law on Tourism of 2009;
–          The Business Certification in Tourism Sector of 2012;
–          Law 17 on Standard of Business Tourism Area of 2014.

Before starting operating as a travel agency, any local or foreign investor is required to register a company with the Indonesian Business Registry.

We can provide complete assistance to foreign nationals who immigrate to Indonesia to open this type of company.

Requirements to set up a travel agency in Indonesia

Once the type of structure chosen to host the tour operator is registered, the travel agency must obtain a certificate of tourism business, it must appoint an auditor and must have a place of business in Indonesia.

Our company registration consultants in Indonesia can assist with the registration of the company used to offer travel agency services.

Services offered by travel agencies in Indonesia

According to the Tourism Law of 2009, a travel agency can offer the following services:

–          transport services related to tourism activities;
–          securing accommodation services;
–          selling travel tickets;
–          offering tourism information services;
–          offering tour guide services;
–          organizing leisure activities;
–          participating in travel fairs and exhibitions.

For assistance in opening a travel agency in Indonesia, please contact our local advisors.