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Immigrate to Bali

Immigrate to Bali

One of Indonesia’s islands has become one of the most popular emigration destinations for people from all over the world in recent years. We are talking about Bali, an island that attracts adventurers, investors, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads alike.

If you are part of a group of people seriously thinking about migrating to Bali, there are several things you should know in order to avoid problems in your new adventure.

The first thing you should know when starting your migration process to Bali (Indonesia) is that, unlike other countries we are familiar with, the Indonesian government has established quite strong policies regarding the conditions under which foreigners can work/live in the country.

To work in Indonesia legally, you must obtain a work permit. And the way to obtain this permit is through an Indonesian company that is willing to hire and sponsor you. This is one of the first issues to consider for those who immigrate to Indonesia.

Although this can sound like a difficult barrier to surpass, the reality is that in Bali there are many foreigners working thanks to the fact that they have been informed well before migrating to Bali and they used the services of legal experts in migration subjects.

Many foreigners conduct their migration to Bali through the creation of their own businesses in Indonesia. Our team can help you set up a company in Indonesia so that you can live and work on this wonderful island without problems.

Immigration to Indonesia is a process during which it is advisable to seek the assistance of a local team of experts, such as our lawyers. Meeting the requirements of the Directorate General of Immigration is mandatory for all applicants, and our team will be able to give you updated and complete information about the visa and immigration policies. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

How to immigrate to Bali and start a business?

The majority of the foreigners in Bali create their own businesses, either through the incorporation of companies (mainly clothes and design of jewels, hotels, restaurants and import/export, schools of surf, hostels, schools of music, etc.) or working remotely.

Starting your own business in Bali is something complicated for a beginner. So we recommend getting help from our experts in company incorporation in Indonesia.

The options to work in Bali with a digital business are several: from working remotely for another company to set up your own project and manage it from this place. This last option is the one most commonly seen on the island.

To know the requirements and the different legal structures that you can use to open a company in Indonesia, we recommend you consult with a team of experts in commercial law. In addition to our expertise in company formation, we can also assist those who immigrate to Indonesia.

If you plan on opening a company in Bali, you can request the services provided by our Indonesian accountants. Our team will offer counseling and guidance for those who have questions about the local accounting principles and annual financial statement preparation, as well as those who need assistance with tax filing and payment, or who have questions about tax optimization for their business.

Do I need a visa to go to Bali?

The government of Indonesia admits that the visitors of some countries can be in Bali for 30 days requesting the visa on arrival of free form. This visa can be extended to 60 days, paying a fee of $42.

If you want to emigrate to Bali, you must be very attentive when requesting your visa, since if your trip lasts more than 30 days, and you have not asked for the extension of the tourist visa, you would have to pay a fine in the airport of 1,000,000 rupiahs for every extra day that you have spent, which is equivalent to approximately $75 per day.

The on-arrival visa is not the only visa available in Indonesia. Depending on your plans when emigrating to Bali, you will be able to request a visa adapted to your necessities.

What types of visas are available in Indonesia?

Like many other countries, Indonesia also has a handful of options when it comes to immigration visas that you can use to live in Bali.

•   Social Visa: If your plan is for more than 60 days, this is the visa you need. To obtain this visa, you need to go to the Indonesian embassy in your country.
•   Business Visa: This visa allows you 60 days in Indonesia, with the possibility of extending it every month up to a maximum of six months.
•   Work visa: The work visa is one of the most complicated visas in Indonesia since you need an Indonesian company to sponsor you.
•   Retirement visa: With this visa, it is not allowed to conduct any activity of business or work during your stay in Bali; however, you can use it to immigrate to Indonesia;

What is the cost of living in Bali?

Although the cost of living is very low in Bali, it is complicated for foreigners to obtain the same prices as a local person. This is a consequence of the popularity that this island has gained. Even so, those who decide to emigrate to Bali will have several zones in which they will be able to enjoy a quite reasonable cost of living.

What is the process of emigrating to Bali?

Regardless of the migratory visa that applies to your case, the process begins at the Indonesian embassy in your current country. The documents that are required to process visas of Indonesia, generally are the following ones:

•    completed visa application form;
•    a passport (the original passport, not a copy) with a minimum validity of six months from arrival in Indonesia;
•    a photocopy of the front page of the passport;
•    two current passport size photos, with white background;
•    copy of ID;
•    proof of payment for fees.

Our Immigration Law specialists can evaluate your case and provide you with personalized legal counsel. Not all immigration issues are the same and some can vary greatly in their complexity. Therefore, working with a team of dedicated lawyers in Indonesia is advisable for all foreign nationals. During a consultation with us, you will learn more about your options and the immigration process.

Advantages of emigrating to Bali

Emigrating to Bali comes with many benefits if your lifestyle fits well with the local dynamics. These are some of the favorable things that this region offers:

•   Indonesia is the 16th largest economy in the world, with a GDP valued at approximately $940.9 billion in 2016.
•   The service sector is dominant, with a 45% share of the local economy.
•   Small and medium-sized businesses account for 60% of the Indonesian economy, which opens up interesting opportunities for starting businesses in Indonesia.
•   Non-residents only have to pay taxes on their income generated within the country.

No wonder the idea of living in Bali is so popular today. Our experts can help you, whether your goal is to open a business in Indonesia or any other. Contact us now.