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Lawyers in Indonesia

Lawyers in Indonesia

Foreign nationals who are interested in starting a business in Indonesia, relocating here, those who wish to purchase property or handle any other types of transactions can use the services provided by our law firm in Jakarta.
Personalized legal aid is oftentimes the one that makes the difference for natural and legal persons alike, allows for a successful transaction or negotiation and facilitates the timely resolution of conflicts or issues.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation

– shareholder/ director disputes,

– contractual disputes,

– regulatory issues,

– alternative dispute resolution solutions offered by our lawyers in Indonesia

Company formation in Indonesia

– choosing the business form,

– company name registration,

– drawing up the company documents,

– business registration,

– licensing matters


– information on Indonesian financial regulations,

– bank lending and international banking,

– specialized assistance for the licensing of financial services providers


– drafting employment agreements,

– dismissals,

– employer duties and responsibilities and other matters

International investments

– branch and subsidiary creation in Indonesia,

– mergers and acquisitions,

– franchising assisted by our lawyers in Indonesia

Tax matters

 – corporate taxation,

– tax incentives for businesses,

– other solutions offered by our team


– restructuring agreements,

– bankruptcy law legal advice,

– insolvency matters

Intellectual property

– trademark applications,

– patents,

– designs,

– copyright registrations,

– trademark opposition,

– intellectual property disputes

Debt recovery

– amicable debt recovery,

– court debt collection

Real estate issues

– real estate purchases for developers,

– legal assistance for complex real estate projects,

– information on real estate ownership in Indonesia by foreigners,

– real estate disputes

Residential conveyancing

– buying or selling residential property,

– legal counsel for foreigners buying houses in Indonesia

Individual employment

– employment contract review,

– assistance for understanding the policies and work regulations for foreign individuals etc.

Civil litigation

Legal assistance in courts

Divorce and family law

– assistance when filing for divorce,

– foreign divorce in Indonesia,

– child matters,

– pre and post-nuptial agreements,

– the division of assets

Immigration to Indonesia

– single and multiple entry visa,

– work permits,

– stay permits,

– permanent residency and citizenship

Our lawyers in Indonesia have extensive experience in all areas of law and are able to provide expert legal counsel and legal representation as needed. Our expertise also includes company relocation and issues related to how to immigrate to Indonesia.

If you want to move to the country, discussing the steps beforehand with our immigration lawyers in Indonesia is helpful.

We are a team of specialists with experience in various areas of law. Our multidisciplinary practice makes our law firm in Indonesia one of the ones that are able to suit the needs of companies and individuals alike. Our approach is suitable for all those who wish to solve matters rapidly and effectively.

Services provided by our law firm in Jakarta

Our law office offers complete legal services in all areas of law. We are an independent law firm that has gathered extensive experience over the years and our attorneys are committed to providing quality services.

Our lawyers in Indonesia can help you with the following:

  1. Dispute resolution: our team focuses on finding straightforward business litigation solutions, however, we also provide solutions tailored to the needs of our clients who wish to solve various disputes out of court through mediation and arbitration;
  2. Corporate: we help clients start a business in Indonesia, from offering initial incorporation advice and information on the local business laws, to assisting them in registering the new business and obtaining the special permits and licenses;
  3. Intellectual property: our law firm in Jakarta offers special services related to trademark and patent registration with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property;
  4. Employment: we help business owners draw up and conclude employment agreements and we assist with legal advice and representation in various types of employee disputes.

An essential part of the services provided by our law firm in Indonesia is focused on corporate and business matters. We are not only able to assist clients who wish to start a business in the country, we are a trustworthy partner throughout the company’s existence. Most of the foreign direct investment in the second quarter of 2021 was directed towards the metal and metal goods sector. We list below part of the data communicated by the authorities:

  • Metal, Metal Goods, Except Machinery, and Equipment Industry: 1,766.4 million USD and 326 projects;
  • Mining: 944 million USD and 225 projects;
  • Transportation, Warehouse, and Telecommunication: 916.4 million USD and 364 projects;
  • Food Industry: 533.9 million USD, 834 projects.
  • We counsel investors across all sectors of interest. You can reach out to us irrespective of the industry in which you wish to invest.

Our lawyer in Bali can assist investors or individuals who are interested in doing business, purchasing property or handling various other matters in this Indonesian province. Bali is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia with amazingly beautiful beaches and plenty of other activities fir tourists.

Foreign investors are often charmed by its beauty and will be interested in purchasing property, opening a business in the tourism sector or perhaps taking ownership over an existing resort. When this is the case, our English-speaking lawyer in Bali will provide complete assistance during the procedure or the purchase.

Our partner accountants in Indonesia assist entrepreneurs and business owners who are in need of counseling as well as ongoing services in order to meet their tax and reporting requirements. We offer services aimed at preparing the annual financial statements and the supporting documentation, tax filing and payment according to the local deadlines, as well as other services.

Talk to our lawyers in Indonesia

Our team provides corporate and individual services. If you are a foreign national living in Indonesia or are planning on relocating here, our team can answer all of your questions concerning the immigration law. The services we provide to individual investors and persons are in the following areas of law:

  • Immigration to Indonesia: if you are looking for information about visas or residency permits, our team specializing in immigration matters can answer your questions on how to immigrate to Indonesia;
  • Real estate matters: we help local and foreign nationals lease property in Indonesia, and understand the manner in which foreign investors and individuals are allowed to use the freehold certificate in the country;
  • Employment: our lawyers are also able to assist the employee; we help you understand your employee rights in Indonesia, understand the worker’s compensation principles and the benefits you can be entitled to;
  • Others: a special division of our team can answer questions related to family law, marriage to an Indonesian citizen, as well as other matters related to inheritance or the distribution of property after divorce.

Contact our law firm in Indonesia for more information about our services.

Our immigration lawyers in Indonesia are ready to answer your questions.