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Set Up a Catering Company in Indonesia

Set Up a Catering Company in Indonesia

There are several industries which provide for great business opportunities in Indonesia, among them being the food and beverages sector in which a local or foreign investor can start a company. Among these, one can open restaurants and catering businesses in Indonesia.

Foreign investors are also welcome in opening catering companies in Indonesia under the special regulations imposed by the Investment Coordinating Board. Our company formation agents in Indonesia can explain the requirements related to setting up a catering company.

Requirements related to the registration of a catering company in Indonesia

The first step in opening a catering business in Indonesia is to incorporate a company with the Business Registrar and with the relevant authorities in the food industry. Catering establishments must also be registered with the Tourism Board in Indonesia.

Another requirement for registering a catering business in Indonesia is to incorporate a limited liability company. In the case of foreigners, a foreign-owned LLC must be registered with the Investment Coordinating Board. 

Investors who wish to do so can come to the country based on a business visa. Taking up residence under this visa can be the basis for a future step to immigrate to Indonesia.

Our company registration advisors in Indonesia can help foreigners who want to register their companies in this country.

Documents needed to open a catering business in Indonesia

The documents needed to set up an Indonesian catering company are:

  •           an application form which must be filed with the Tourism Board in Indonesia;
  •           a copy of the company’s memorandum and articles of association;
  •           a copy of the owner’s passport and his or her tax identification number;
  •           the building permit issued by the authorities indicating the use of the building;
  •           an environmental analysis report issued by the local authorities;
  •           the blueprints of the premises indicating the front of the catering company.

Depending on the food to be served on the premises or delivered, an import license will be required for imported products. Also, if the catering business will serve alcoholic beverages, a license will be needed.

Indonesian catering businesses are also required to obtain disturbance orders from the local police department if they serve food on the premises.

Our business lawyers in Indonesia assist companies in need of solutions related to business formation, contract law matters (drawing up agreements and verifying existing contracts), debt collection, and litigation (legal representation as needed in various matters). Our team focuses on the individual needs of the client and aims to provide straightforward legal advice.

For assistance in opening a catering business in Indonesia, please contact our company incorporation representatives.

We also invite you to reach out to us if you wish to immigrate to Indonesia if you open this type of business. Our team can answer questions about the current types of visas (most importantly, the ones suitable for investors), as well as the application steps, needed documents, processing times, and other questions about immigration policies, including being joined by family members. You can reach out to us as soon as you decide to apply.