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Imports/Exports in Indonesia

Imports/Exports in Indonesia

Indonesia is the 4th largest country by population and the 16th most prosperous economy in the world, which make it one of the largest consumption markets at global level. These are also a few of the reasons why trading plays an important role in the Indonesian economyIndonesia is known for the large amounts of goods it imports and the re-exports to neighboring countries. Also, Indonesia has important natural resources which are exploited by local companies and exported.

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What are the most exported and imported goods in Indonesia?

As mentioned above Indonesia has significant natural resources such as natural gas, crude oil and gold which are exploited by local companies. Most of these commodities are exported, which is why certain restrictions are imposed to foreign investments with respect to these goods. Coal and jewelry are also some of the most exported goods in Indonesia.

When it comes to imports, Indonesian companies import:

–          machinery and equipment;
–          auto vehicles and spare parts;
–          chemical products;
–          refined petroleum used as fuel;
–          agricultural products.

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Indonesia’s import and export partners

When it comes to the countries Indonesia imports most of the products from, these are:

–          China;
–          Japan;
–          Singapore;
–          Malaysia;
–          South Korea.

With a few exceptions, the same countries are also Indonesian companies’ most important export partners. Among these are China, Singapore, India and Japan. However, Indonesia also has important export partners in other parts of the world. Among these countries are the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Import and export procedures in Indonesia

In order to import or export goodsIndonesian companies must fulfill a series of procedures, among which following the Customs regulations, filing the necessary paperwork related to the products to be traded and registering for the goods and services tax.

For full information on import/export procedures in Indonesia or for assistance in starting a business in the trading sector, please contact our local advisors.

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