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Establish a Restaurant in Indonesia

Establish a Restaurant in Indonesia

The food industry is one of the most important economic sectors on Indonesia, as the goods produced here are destined not only for the local population but also for export. Also, this industry is made up of several branches, restaurant businesses playing an important role in its development in the last years.

Foreign investors can set up restaurants in Indonesia by following the local legislation with respect to food labeling and licensing requirements. Additionally, they are required to comply with the provisions of the Commercial Law related to starting a business in Indonesia.

Selecting the business structure for a restaurant in Indonesia

Foreign investors who want to open any type of business in Indonesia must use specific business forms which allow them to fully or partially own shares in a local company. These are the limited liability company and the foreign-owned limited liability company.

Foreign nationals can start the procedures to immigrate to Indonesia once they invest in a restaurant business if they wish to remain in the country as investors.

Our company formation agents in Indonesia can assist with the registration of any of the two types of structures which can be used when establishing a restaurant.

The business license for opening a restaurant in Indonesia

Once the company is registered, the following step will be applying for the business license with the Investment Coordinating Board in Indonesia. Restaurants usually enter the same category with travel agencies, and are considered tourism companies.

Also knows as an operating permit, the business license issued for restaurants in Indonesia has a 30-yesr validity period.

Special requirements for restaurants in Indonesia

Apart from the permanent business license, restaurants in Indonesia must also obtain import licenses which allow them to bring different ingredients related to preparing the food. There are several types of import licenses available in Indonesia.

Restaurant owners must also keep in mind the hygiene and sanitary requirements, as for the employees of such establishments special qualifications are necessary. Also, depending on the city where the restaurant will operate, other municipal permits could be required.

There is no need to immigrate to Indonesia in order to own a restaurant, however, we can help those who wish to do so.

For assistance in registering a company with the purpose of establishing a restaurant in Indonesia, please contact our company incorporation consultants.