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Digital Nomad Visa in Indonesia

Digital Nomad Visa in Indonesia

Indonesia is seen by most remote workers who are keen on traveling as a perfect destination. With an Indonesian digital nomad, which is under work by the authorities, living and working in Bali or another beautiful location will become a possibility.

Bali digital nomad visa could allow holders to remain in the country for a number of years, as long as they derive their income from a non-Indonesian employer or freelance contract.

While the digital nomad visa is not the equivalent of an investor visa suited for company formation in Indonesia, it does have the potential to introduce professionals in many different fields to the opportunities available in the country.

Read below to find out more about the Bali digital nomad visa and reach out to our company formation agents if you wish to receive personalized visa application assistance.

What are the conditions for applicants?

The authorities are discussing the implementation of the Indonesian digital nomad visa. The available information highlights the following characteristics of this type of visa:

  1. Validity: the Bali digital nomad visa is presumed to be valid for 5 years;
  2. Work conditions: the foreign national will be able to apply if he or she is a self-employed individual or if working for a foreign company, and having the ability to work remotely;
  3. Taxation: the holder will not be subject to taxation in Indonesia, as long as the income will be derived from outside the country;
  4. Special conditions: a minimum monthly income is expected to be in place as a condition for the Indonesian digital nomad visa, as is the case in many other countries that allow for this type of permit.

Currently, the Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy has yet to reveal more details about the visa, however, clarifications are expected.

As a digital nomad in Indonesia, you will be deriving income from non-Indonesian sources. However, if you do intend to offer your services to local clients, you should find out more about your taxation requirements. Our Indonesian accountants can help you understand the conditions in which you can provide services in Indonesia as a digital nomad, as well as your tax liabilities. Reach out to us as soon as you have any tax-related questions.

How long is the Bali digital nomad visa valid for?

As previously mentioned, the planned digital nomad visa will have a validity period of 5 years, making it the longest visa of this type.

Because the visa will be valid for a longer period, could be seen as a residence permit for remaining in the country.

Conditions apply to residence permit holders, as well as the renewal of these documents.

You can reach out to our team specializing in company formation in Indonesia and immigration matters to find out more.

When will the Indonesian digital nomad visa be in place?

The Indonesian authorities have yet to provide a clear date for the launch of the digital nomad visa.

Our team is able to provide you with more details as they become available.

Working as a digital nomad in Indonesia can present unique opportunities. If you are already in the country or plan on arriving soon, our lawyers in Indonesia can help answer any questions or legal concerns you might have. We will assist you as needed for your temporary relocation purposes and, upon request, can act as your local legal representative for a variety of matters.

What other types of visas are available in Indonesia?

Presently, foreign nationals have the option to apply for a temporary stay permit, the ITAS. This is awarded electronically to applicants and it can be issued for:

  • Work: for foreign nationals who take up employment in the country with an Indonesian company;
  • Family: for those who wish to join their spouses who work in Indonesia;
  • Others: investment, retirement (only for some foreign nationals), and transit temporary stay permits are available.

Applicants first apply for a temporary visa abroad and they then receive the temporary stay permit (ITAS) upon their arrival in Indonesia.

Our team can help those interested in immigration with more details about the types of visas.

Our company formation agents provide complete services for the incorporation or local companies or branches.

Indonesia travel statistics

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination, with Bali being one of the favorite locations for foreign nationals.

16.1 million foreign visitors entered the country in 2019. Data from Statistics Indonesia also reveals the following:

  • 313,880 tourists entered the country between January and April 2022;
  • 1,105,248 tourists entered the country in 2021;
  • In 2019, the total number of tourists from Europe was 2,075,864 and from America 648,903.

Part of the tourists who entered the country in previous years may be interested in working remotely from Bali or another location with the Indonesian digital nomad visa.

If you would like to know more about the Bali digital nomad visa and receive information as soon as this visa becomes available, please contact our company formation agents in Indonesia.

By definition, the digital nomad visa is suitable for those who wish to remain in a certain location for a limited time, during which they will be able to continue to perform their remote work. However, if Indonesia is a place in which you wish to remain on a more permanent basis, our team can answer your questions. We also assist those who wish to immigrate to Indonesia alone or with their families.