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Relocate to Jakarta

Relocate to Jakarta

Indonesia is one of the most popular destinations for expatriates looking for a place to settle in Southeast Asia. The low cost of goods and numerous business opportunities make this country an ideal place to experience something new. And within the country, one place gets most of the attention of people thinking about moving to Indonesia. We are talking about Jakarta.

If you are thinking of starting your own business in Indonesia, Jakarta might be the right place for you. The Indonesian market is not saturated and is one of the largest economies in the world. Having a base of operations in Asia can certainly help you expand your business to new horizons more easily.

Those who move to Jakarta will find themselves in a veritable megalopolis full of opportunities, but to get there you have to deal with Indonesia’s red tape and bureaucracy.

Residing legally in Jakarta and having the possibility to work can be very challenging, that is why most of those who move to Jakarta do so using company incorporation in Indonesia. This allows them to live and work more easily than with fast-track visas or working for local businesses.

Although this is the preferred route for those moving to Jakarta, it does not mean that it is easy. Starting a business in Indonesia is particularly complicated compared to starting a business in other jurisdictions. That’s why we recommend you get expert advice on the matter.

To explore all the options, you have to relocate to Jakarta and make the proper decision, it is recommended to evaluate your case directly with a legal expert who can guide you in all aspects, from immigration to commercial law.

If you are interested in immigration to Indonesia, our team can answer your questions and assists you throughout the application process. Our lawyers specializing in the country’s immigration laws can give you details about the conditions you will need to comply with, the general process, and the expected processing time. We can assist with the needed submissions to the Directorate General of Immigration.

Visas required to move to Jakarta

Indonesia has very strict immigration and labor laws for international visitors. At the very least you should know that non-Indonesians need a visa to enter the country, with a few exceptions.

You can check with an Indonesian lawyer to see if your nationality allows you to visit the country without first applying for a visa.

Our Indonesian lawyers can help you with much more than Immigration Law assistance. We offer legal guidance and adequate solutions for individuals who are faced with employment matters, contract disputes, or private law issues. We can also represent the interests of tenants, offer legal counsel in intellectual property rights matters, and can answer questions about data protection.

Depending on your objective and the length of stay you require at the time of moving to Jakarta, there are several visas that can help you to have your immigration status in order and not have problems with the Indonesian authorities.

There are visas for tourists, investors, workers, and more. The best thing you can do to make sure you make the right decision when relocating to Jakarta is to consult with an immigration expert.

Regardless of whether you want to move to Jakarta to start a business in Indonesia, or if you are coming for social or personal reasons, it is important that you know which visa to apply for, as the Indonesian government charges a hefty fine for breaking immigration laws.

Working in Jakarta

Work and business visas are the most complicated to apply for when moving to Indonesia.

If you want to work for another person or company, you will have to make sure you find a job before arriving in the country, because the company that hires you will have to sponsor your application for the work visa.

On the other hand, if you want to open a business in Indonesia and run your own company, you will need to apply for a business visa. Although there is a catch, this visa is only valid for 60 days, so it is more suitable for working on short-term projects within the country. If you want to immigrate to Indonesia based on business interests, we can help you.

What taxes do I have to pay in Jakarta?

One of the most important issues to keep in mind when you are about to put your plans to move to Indonesia into action is the issue of taxes. Whether you have found a job with a local company or you have started a business in Indonesia, you are going to have to deal with the Indonesian tax system sooner or later.

Indonesia’s tax system can become very complicated if you don’t have the right help. The language barrier is one of the most common challenges faced by those living in Jakarta when it comes to paying their taxes, but it is something you can easily solve by having tax legal advisors by your side.

If you want to relocate to Jakarta, or if you have a business here, our partner accountants in Indonesia can answer important questions about tax compliance and can offer ongoing assistance for businesses of all sizes and with any number of employees. we tailor our solutions (focused on bookkeeping, annual financial statements, and more) to fit the needs of our clients.

Interesting facts about Indonesia’s economy and laws.

  • Indonesia has double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries, which can help ease your tax burden if you move to Jakarta.
  • This country has a score of 66.9/100 on the Index of Economic Freedom.
  • In 2019 Indonesia became the largest economy in Southeast Asia.
  • The maximum corporate tax rate for those opening a business in Indonesia is 25%.

Moving to Jakarta is not that complicated if you have the right help. Our team can help you with the immigration aspect, as well as with the company incorporation in Indonesia process. Contact us now! We provide complete assistance during the process to immigrate to Indonesia.