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Establish a Casino in Indonesia

Establish a Casino in Indonesia

With an impressive number of 17,000 islandsIndonesia is one of the most prolific countries in Southeast Asia in terms of economy and population. Moreover, when it comes to the population, Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. These attributes make it a perfect location for starting a business and many foreign investors oriented towards the gambling industry are taking an interest in setting up casinos in Indonesia. However, the Indonesian government is very strict about gambling which is forbidden.

Those who want to open casinos in Indonesia can register offshore companies here with the purpose of offering their services to clients in other jurisdictions. Below, our Indonesian company formation agents explain how to set up a casino in this country.

How to register a company for gaming operations in Indonesia

As mentioned above, Indonesia does not have a legislation related to physical or online gambling, however there are many websites which allow poker games. The government also issues licenses for free lotteries in Indonesia.

Those who want to set up casinos in Indonesia must register a company with the Trade Register here, however they must be aware that they cannot supply their services to the local population. Also, online gaming is much more popular in Indonesia, which is why one will need to register a domain name here.

Our company formation consultants in Indonesia can assist with the incorporation of companies here. We can also assist those who wish to immigrate to Indonesia prior to starting a business.

Licenses for casinos in Indonesia

As mentioned above, free lotteries are the only gambling facilities still legal in Indonesia, and during the last several years the government has issued a few thousand licenses for this type of activity.

Foreign investors who want to open casinos in Indonesia must first make sure that the company they want to register here complies with the local legislation. They must also be aware that the services they offer can only target clients from other countries.

If you want to know more about the legislation related to setting up casinos in Indonesia, please feel free to contact our local representatives. Until gambling laws are changed, you can open companies in other important economic sectors with the help of our Indonesia company incorporation advisors.

If you first want to immigrate to Indonesia, we can help you relocate then start your business.